Client Account Portal Area

I wish we had an area where a client could login to change their credit cards, see their invoices, run their accounts etc. It would make all of us look more professional if we had a client login portal rather than saying “its ok, we take care of that.”



Seems like this is something we could build ourselves (and by “we”, I mean, as Webflow users independent of the company). Beyond seeing charges (by which I understand you mean “invoices”) and updating a credit card, which other actions / features would you want a client to have access to?

Good point.

A.) Payment history
B.) Change/edit billing information
C.) Submit ticket / website change request

Incidentally, in addition to Plasso’s Membership & Storefront services, its new “Billing” feature allows basically what you’re talking about already. I believe there’s a “free” account that just charges as a percentage of transactions, with a lower %age if you move up to “paid” plans. I haven’t tried it out yet but it comes highly regarded!

This is similar to square. Not exactly what I am talking about here man. I am talking about a way for clients to login and see a white-labled webflow account portal.

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