Clicks not working after interaction

My integration are working only once

“our process” click does the

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hey @robert_saghir

Sorry you haven’t gotten a response yet. Although it looks to me like it is working now. Did you get it figured out? Let me know.

Also next time please also post the read-only link for the project. This is especially helpful when getting advice on interactions.

Hello Matthew,

No its not working.
Here’s the read only link

Thank You,

Hey @robert_saghir

In order for the button interaction to work over and over, the interaction to close the overlay needs to reset all of the parameters that were adjusted when the first interaction happened. Basically returning all elements to the same values as the initial state.

If you don’t want a visible “reverse” of the first animation, then you can reset the values using 0s after hiding the overlay has happened.

Hope that makes some sense and helps. Happy designing.

Hello Mat,

Can you help me further with that? Can you elaborate your idea and tell me how to reset parameters. Just to let you know that this is a simple interaction and not legacy interaction.

Hey @robert_saghir

Let me try and clarify what I meant. Everything that was adjusted or animated during the 1st click interaction needs to be returned by the 2nd click interaction to the way they were before the 1st click. Here’s an over-simplified example.

1st Interaction
Moves div from point A to point B
2nd Interaction
Moves div from point B to point A

It’s kind of like creating two halves of a loop. The way the 1st interaction begins is the way the 2nd interaction ends. A reset so the interaction can happen any number of times.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to duplicate the 1st Interaction, reverse the value to animate back to the initial state, and apply it to the 2nd interaction.

Hope this helps to clear up the thought process.

Yes Mat,
I’ve done this logic and it works good now. but the second time I click the button it doesnt play the same as the first time…
is that an issue that should happen?
check it out

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