Clicking on the tabs menu inside dropdown closes the dropdown

Hi everyone, I’m trying to use tabs inside dropdown in the menu but when I click on the tabs menu it closes the whole menu.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Open tablet or below view
  2. Click on the menu and open dropdown menu “Explore Raw.”
  3. Click on the on the tab’s menu inside it, by default it dog is selected but when you click on the other tab menu it closes the menu.

I don’t want to close the menu when we click on the tab menus inside the dropdown.

Read only link - Webflow - Instinct

Hi SRT welcome to :webflow_heart:

I think this issue can be solve by playing with the z-index menu of the Drop down menu.

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Hey, Thanks for the reply

Its not working when we check in the published site of tablet or mobile view but it works properly in the preview.
Link -

Did you manage to find out the issue with this? I’m also trying to figure this out as well.

Hey, yes I have solved it by making custom tabs using interactions.