Clicking Link makes link block behind visible

Dear webflow-team,

in the tablet/mobile version, when I click a link, the link block behind gets visible for a split second.

Any chance to get rid of that for all links in tablet/mobile for a cleaner, more minimalistic user experience?


I’m looking forward to hearing from you,
Thank you so much

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Philippe Gnannt - Film Editor

Hi @mostprobablyme
Can you share a live link to the relevant page?

Hey Aviv,

basically the phenomenen (if you can call it like this) occurs on every link that can be clicked except for the pictures.
E.g. the navbar’s dropdown menu but also regular links on several pages.

Here’s the live link: Webflow - Philippe Gnannt - Film Editor

Thank you so much

here is live link

Hey everybody,

I did some research and it looks like this topic had been discussed before.

Everything works flawlessly now.