Clicking Elements in Collections and opening another Page

Hi Everyone!

I have created a new collection for the current project im working and to see the news, you have to click the yellow button to be able to do that. My question is; how can i link the title, the paragraph and the image so that when someone hovers over it, they will know intuitively by just pressing the image, they can read the whole article. It sucks that you have to press the yellow button to read the selected news.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @labinot, your best bet would be to drop in a ‘link block’ element then add the items to this i.e. text, image, title. Then, tell this link block to point to the page, meaning that everything with in it will be a ‘link’ to that page.

You can also add some subtle ‘hover’ state (i.e. lowered opacity) to let visitors know that this is an element you can interact with.

You could also still have a button or text down the bottom that says ‘read more’ or what you like, however this would have to be plain text (as you cannot place a link inside a link).

Yell out if you’d like further assistance!