Clicking a <button> in an embed inside a form sends the form

Hey folks, this one is boggling me quite a bit.
Press any + or - button and watch what happens.

Any ideas as to what is happening ?

Many thanks in advance

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You are using buttons for your up/down areas. I think the form is getting confused and thinks you have hit the form submit button. Try using a styled anchor link for the up/down areas instead of using a button. As you are using code embeds this may be useful.

Thanks for looking into it, I had the same impression about it being some sort of a bug.

This is still weird though, because the webflow form button isn’t even a <button> tag, it’s an <input>.

Regarding your solution, I had thought about it too, but unfortunately it’s part of a much bigger form, with a lot of custom JS, that require the ability to disable the button, and it doesn’t work on a regular <a>, so I would need to change a lot of things to make it work and I thought I might try it here first :wink:

Thanks again for looking into it !