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Clickable links inside a section are un-clickable

Hi, I’m Aaron, a designer working out of London.

Been using Webflow for a while. Loving everything about it. Love how any question I have, has usually already been covered in the community. However, I’m having an issue today that as far as I can tell, hasn’t.

For some reason the clickable links inside a section that has an element trigger…aren’t clickable.

If anybody fancies taking a look, the issue is on ‘Proto Site’ page, Section 10 (specifically the icons which should link out to Insta, Twitter and URL):

Would love any suggestions

Many thanks,


Hi @Aaron_Lobb,

As far as I can see, the links work fine.
Do you encounter this problem on the published site only? or also when you preview it?

Thank you @avivtech

Managed to solved it. Changed the section to Static (instead of relative).
Thanks for replying so quickly though

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