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Clickable Button stops working?

I am following the “click to show/hide” video. Seems straight forward enough but for some reason, I’m getting the weirdest results.

Right now, my button that I clicked, no longer lets me click! It’s suddenly not clickable, despite the interaction being there.

I had it working, not quite the way I wanted, tried once more and now it just won’t respond at all. So, where am I going wrong here?

I basically want the little menu to drop down from the bottom and go back up again when second clicked.

Button location:

I saw this: [Resolved] Dropdown Open menu button not working but it was some bug that was fixed apparently.

Hi @DragonDon, I was taking a look at the interaction, and you have the interaction applied on the “more menu div block”, with an initial appearance of that div block set to display none. However there is also the Display none at load interaction set on the “more menu” that is nested in the “more menu div block”.

Nothing is changing that display none to display block, because in the interaction that display block is set to affect the “more menu div block”.

Simply remove the interaction from the more menu class and it should work :smile:

​I hope this helps :slight_smile: Let me know if any issues.


Thanks @cyberdave, I knew it had to be something stupidly simple.

Now…to get things to appear smoothly. Will try to figure out how to make it seem that the tab kinda pulls down that menu…

Hi @DragonDon, thanks for the update. Remember too, to give the div that you are showing or hiding, a style of overflow hidden. That will help with making the movement smooth :smile:


Ah hA! That should have been in the video! Now it works like I expected!

Man, I know learning the hard way works…but it’s still maddening :smile:

@cyberdave to the rescue!

When will the @cyberdave Brain plugin be available?!

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