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Click-trough counter (affiliate marketing)

Hi everyone!
First time here, so maybe I’m in the wrong section…

One of my clients wants to be an intermediary between the customer and a product.
They want something like this:

Vogue Lipstick Page

In that page you have an ad of lipsticks, and when the user click on it it redirects you to the seller website, they do that trough

But they wanna do something like that for local stores, not-so-big brands, and that they (the website and their clients) can know if the customer that went to their product page is there trough my client’s website…

Is there a way to do that in Webflow?

Thanks in advance!

Webflow supports embeds so you can run client side scripts. You would need to leverage a hosted service (yours or someone else) that can do the tracking / reporting.