Click to store a word - Is this possible?

Hey, all.
Hope you are all doing fine during these difficult times!

What I am trying to achieve is to ‘click on a word’ and to store it in a fixed bar on the bottom of the screen. I would like these words to be stored in the fixed bottom bar wherever you go on the website. These words can be removed once clicked on a word in the fixed bottom bar. (check the image for example)

Also, is this possible with the words pulled from a collection?
For example: Verbazingwekkend (= main word), and there are multiple ‘subwords’ within that main word (like: eerlijk, elegant, emotioneel etc.)

Is this possible within Webflow itself or with custom code? Please let me know! :smile:

Thanks in advance,


Only with custom code since Webflow has no “State”. Does not matter where the text came from (page or CMS item). If you new to custom JavaScript code, this would probably be a tough starter project. This is really a one off so my recommendation is you get a freelancer to help you. Someone else who is not busy might jump in for you to lend a hand.