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Click to show biography and hide other ones

Hi, the site I’m working on:
on the “Paris Summit 2019" page I am designing a Speaker layout and what I want to do is show biography on click and hide previously opened ones.

Appreciate any advice.

Hey @KidLoco,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I would suggest to use a ‘dropdown’ element for that. Something similar to this, but in your layout.

Hey @avivtech,

Thanks for the quick reply and the help, however, I have still one problem I would like the dropdown to push down content rather than go above them. Could you help me with that? I could not figure it out.

Thank you in advance.

You can do that by changing the position on the elements to absolute. Maybe put them in a grid.

Hey @avivtech,
Thanks again for the help, however it does not work for me. Could you be more specific which elements should I change to absolute?

Thank you in advance

I see you managed ? :smiley:

Hey @avivtech,
I couldn’t :upside_down_face: because what I would like is when the dropdown is open I want the speaker below pushed down as well. Do you think it’s possible without big change?