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Click-to-Expand 'Tabs' using Flexbox

Hello all,

I’ve looked around the forum and the Flexbox help site and haven’t seen anything similar to this but I apologize if I have missed something right under my nose. Using Flexbox I created a row of 4 divs within a section and set up interactions to expand from 25% to 200% when you click each one, while also ‘minimizing’ the previously open one. The first one also has a load interaction so it automatically expands on page load. For the life of me I cannot figure out the most important part: making the content appear (display: flex or block) and disappear (display:none) on expansion and contraction (especially disappearing when you click on a different tab). I’ve tried a ton of different interaction combinations and haven’t found anything that works. If anyone has done this before or can see what I’m missing, I would greatly appreciate some help! Thank you!

This is a test bed site I made to figure out this problem for another site I am designing.

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