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Click tab cause page automatically go up in IE

Hi all, i am new to web deisgn and Webflow, can anyone help with an IE issue? When i click the tab, the page will automatically go up in IE, which won’t happen in Chrome.

For instance in following shared link i just drug a Webflow native tab, when clicked, the page scroll up to the positon of upper containter.

Here is my site Read-Only:*

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bump this. Having the same issue here. Heard it was a Webflow bug before. Maybe it still is? @PixelGeek

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Same. Our site jumps to the top of the page, whenever a tab is clicked… Also in Chrome.

It is fixable in our case, if we just add a # to the end of the anchor-tag refs in our DOM. Pretty inelegant and unstable to hack the generated hrefs from Webflow components though.

@jonas_hh Which anchor-tag hrefs did you modify? Webflow doesn’t seem to allow you to edit the hrefs on the tab link blocks.

@bruh Were you able to find a solution to this problem?