Click on Textboxes and use it as a Filter (blur)

I have images of my work in my Portfolio and now my goal is it to filter them by beeing able to blur and unblur groups of images when you click on a category. For example I could click in the navbar on a textbox with the text “Animation” and then all images that contain animation would unblur.
Now I have two problems:
First, I cant Type in my textboxes when I insert a new one in the navbar or in general. What did I overlook I feel quit stupid. I even can’t delete just one element in the navbar. I can only delet the whole navbar.
Secondly when I managed it to blur and unblur groups by clicking on a button. I had the problem that my instruction to blur and unblur if you hover over the images overrides the instruction to unblur all images of one category by clicking a button, if you hover over it. Is there a possibility to give the instruction to ignore another instruction if a button is klicked one time and make it work again if i double click.
Hope My question is not to confusing.
If you have questions feel free to ask!

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