Clearing/Refreshing CDN

Hello all,

I am trying to improve our site’s performance in order to optimize SEO ranking. I am using to audit the site’s performance. The GTMetrix tool advised that I reduce assets on our homepage, which I did by converting them from MP4s to smaller WEBMs. After publishing that change, GTMetrix is still picking those assets up as MP4s as if it’s pulling from an outdated source. After some googling, I think the issue is that the CDN isn’t fully cleared/reset to reflect the most up to date changes. How do I go about manually refreshing the cache completely? I’ve tried publishing multiple times to see if that helped; it did not change anything. It has also been a few days since I’ve made those changes so if it is a daily automatic CDN refresh or something to that effect then it should have already happened but hasn’t. Thanks in advance!

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