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Cleaning up that class-mess

I’m coming from the design side and I’m still rather new to WF and developing.
This was my first WF website project. I learned a lot while working on a second (that’s almost finished). I’m coming back to this to improve things based on what I learned (mainly cleaning-up and some re-construction).
This first site was plagued by lack of knowledge while building it and lack of familiarity with WF – I learned as I went. My approach was that of a bloody beginner, and planning the architecture of the site ahead was tricky. Next time I’ll do better from the beginning…
But as a result of that (among other issues) I’m now wrestling with messy classes and combo classes.

So my question is: How can I clean up this class mess without reconstructing everything?!

There are way too many inherited classes and too many combo classes (see picture).
Some of the combos I may be able to handle with the FnSweet combo class-merger add-on, but not a whole lot.

I’d like to have somewhat clean code at the end, but I really don’t want to rebuild every single component – that would take forever and there’s no budget for this.
I really really hope that there’s a better way!

I need help!
Tips and suggestions highly welcome! Thank you!

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