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Cleaned up, more legible navigator

Because one UI redesign in a week wasn’t enough, we’ve also made some small updates to the navigator.

Why make the change? Well, the navigator is a great way to understand the structure of your page and see all elements in a single, organized place. But when your page structure gets complex, this view can get hard to parse.

Those little vertical lines are reeeeeeal nice.

And so, to make this view more legible and organized, we’ve done a bit of cleanup. A quick rundown of the changes:

  • More efficient use of horizontal space to decrease horizontal scrolling
  • New vertical lines to more clearly mark the relationship between elements
  • Removed horizontal lines to reduce clutter

You can also click on the arrow or the element icon to expand and collapse elements, instead of only the arrow. So that slightly larger click target should make life easier as well.

Hope you like it! Let us know what you think.


Please post feedback to the navigator update here:


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