Clean up unused CSS Classes does not work

It is not possible to clean up unused classes. This issue i have often. Can you please take a look:

There are minimum 10-15 classes i do not use. All who start with “Header”.

Hi Bettina,

are these some of the styles you are trying to remove?

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Yes. How can i remove them?

Hi Bettina,

Made a video to show and explain.

By copy to @Waldo,

Is this expected behaviour?

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Thank you so much! But i have now again two classes i can not remove. “ALT Footer” and “ALT Footer Logo Image”.
Greetings from germany :slight_smile:

Hi Bettina,

sorry for the delay in my reply.

Looks like you are still using those 2 classes.

See below:

ALT Image Logo

ALT Footer


Thank you so much! I fixed all :slight_smile:


great work @knk …very helpful.:grinning::grinning:

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Hi there all
Just a question about CSS clean-up…

  • is it page-specific or site specific? IE if I’m on the home page and clean-up unused css classes, does it delete those classes from the entire css library (they might be used on “pricing.html” page for eg and now you’ve cleaned them up while on the “Home” page so pricing page is now broken?

Hey @trystan,

If when you delete a CSS class it will delete site wide (deleted from the CSS library).


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