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Classifieds Membership Site

Hi I need some advice,

I am hoping to build a membership only classifieds site, with each member having their own profile page, using the webflow platform and its CMS. I believe this can be achieved using Zapier-Memberstack-Airtable.

My concern is the limitations on the CMS with only 10k items available. This would mean, for example, 1000 members (using 1000 CMS items) would only be able to post a maximum of 9 classified ads (9000 CMS items), or less if I need to use the CMS for other reasons.

So my question is, am I missing something? Is there anyway around this limitation, perhaps with an additional app I can integrate, an external CMS perhaps?

Any help would be appreciated.

If you are building an MVP, then you can always get it going and then refactor/rebuild in a more appropriate solution later. If your requirements are higher, then you should choose tools/technologies that can easily handle them. Forum feedback from people managing large WF sites indicates serious performance issues in the designer when collection lists get large. Some solutions can easily scale way beyond Webflow’s current offering. I use WF for marketing sites, choosing to build apps with more robust development tools and systems. Do your research. Good luck.