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Classes question

I was looking at a tutorial where he made a class name for a slide, and then copied it 6 times to make a carousel. Then he changed one image on one slide. Based on other Webflow tutorials, I expected the new graphic to show up on all 6 slides, but it didn’t. (He also didn’t use a combo class.)

So to summarize, would it be fair to say that if he changed a background graphic or modified the CSS in Styles Panel then it would appear on all the slides; but if it is not something changed in Styles Panel, such as changing an image element, then it won’t change the other slides even though they have the same class?

BTW, I agree with others posting in the Forum that Classes are not fully explained in the videos. The overall concept is explained, but still it ends up feeling like magic - you see the result and go Wow!, but don’t fully understand how it happens unless you play with Webflow. Although perhaps my mind is so blown away by the wow factor that it doesn’t fully grasp the details. I like the rules clearly spelled out, which is why I am asking for clarification. But I love your videos! And Webflow certainly does make things easier.

FYI, the tutorial I was watching was

Classes basically apply the same styles (in the Style tab), to elements with the same class.


Image source/custom attributes/etc. is set in the Element Settings tab, therefore it is NOT a style, and will only apply to the currently selected element.