Classes on CMS items

Hey guys,

Im creating my portoflio, and Im using the featured work section McGuire uses in the 21 day portfolio challenge [21 day design portfolio course | Webflow University]. Im trying to add my own customization to it but im struggling.

In the screen shot you can see what im trying to create, all the info in the section is being pulled from the CMS, but the logos are different sizes. I tried to add a combo class to individual ones in order modify the size for them all to be equal but that didn’t get it working.
Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Portfolio)
(how to access public share link)

Your preview link is not working. But better if you just use the same logo image sizes for all files

I don’t think you can do that. Because it’s a repeating element, it will repeat everything inside. And that is also how dynamic content works.

Usually what we should do is, use same size image. It is best because it help in uniformity, in future you or anyone just have to upload the image, don’t have to play with styles.

But if you really want then, you can do something similar by separating the Collection list. You can display one collection list per row and then change it however you like.

@Lee_Robertson - You can use custom code and values from a collection item to effect styles of collection items in a list.


Read Only Project

You could use the same principal to accomplish your specific requirements.

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@webdev Nice trick, thank you for posting.

I did was thinking if I can use Collection List in some ways, this will be really useful.

@abirana I have used this approach to change the span of items within a grid for customizing the appearance of collections.

Ya I can understand, this can be useful in many ways.

Thanks for the responses guys.

I figured i would need custom code to do this so i moved away from the CMS from this personal project as im not planning on scaling the site beyond the current content as its just for a job interview.

I will look into the custom code @webdev for future projects as this seems like what I wanted to do!

Thanks for your help.

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