Classes inside CMS problem

Hi everyone, I’m new to webflow. I recently bought a template to learn and create my portfolio, but I have a problem, in the cms collection section, where I find the pages of the works, when I go to change the proportions of some images it changes them in each projects page, and I would like the changes to apply only to one “work” page I’m working on, how do I manage this? I tried with classes but it doesn’t work

Kevin, my man. Webflow will create a template page for each collection you have. When you apply a style change to one element, it automatically get’s applied to other elements.
Think of it as a pre-defined layout for all your Blog Posts, or all your Portfolio items.

If you want to have full control over your Projects page (per my understanding) - I’d just use static pages, and maybe have a folder called Projects. Webflow recently increased the number of static pages you can publish.

If you still want to rely on the CMS, I’d recommend you watching this tutorial.