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Classes and Lessons on Fitness template

Hi - In your fitness template Classes do not link through to the actual class. It says page doesn’t exist. It looks as though the class detail page has been named lessons. It means when you click on a class to see details about it there is no link. It’s annoying as I would like to use this theme as a basis for a site, but it doesn’t work.

Hello @Jake_Coventry,

Could you be more specific? Who are the author of template? Or at least give the link to template.

Also read-only link to project could help to fix the problems much faster. Guidance you can find here How to Enable a Webflow Share Link


Hi, i’m having the same problem, i cannot navigate to the ‘lessons detail page’ template, from anywhere in the web, the link from the dynamic wraper “class item” doesn’t work. This template is kind of blocked.

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