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Class won't stick on one menu item after visiting page

So I’m at my wit’s end with this. It’s so bizarre to me.

In my mobile nav, I have submenus. One of submenus, and only one of them, after visiting the link and returning to the menu, defaults to some empty class for some reason. This is just on the mobile view. It has the same class as every other submenu. I’ve tried to delete and rebuild it. I’ve tried to rename the class. I’ve tried to change the text field. I’ve tried to give it its OWN class and it still won’t stick.

It’s the Execution and Analysis submenu. Just to be clear, it ONLY happens with this submenu.

It’s supposed to look like this:

After visiting the page and returning to the menu it looks like this:

Driving me up a wall. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Check the state (visited) of the link.

It happens to all your links when you’re on the page the link leads to. It’s called the current state. It’s normal and you can control it by learning how to style the current state. But in your case, there’s a Webflow bug I believe.

So your link on the homepage, is styled like this:

But if I go on the page the link leads to, I get this:

And in the selector box, there should be the original blue class AND a green class called Current.

The class is there, if you inspect the page, just not showing up in the selector box.

Ping @brando could you catch this?

In the meantime, you can create any block of text, give it the original class, then a combo class called w--current, then style the text as desired for the current state, then delete the text element. The style should propagate nicely.

Thanks, that workaround seems to be working, much appreciated! Something is definitely wonky though.

Please elaborate what is not working for you still?

Ah, sorry, that’s not what I meant. vincent’s solution is working fine now, but just as a workaround.

Yes, indeed, looks like a bug.