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Class settings randomly reset and erase all my work

I publish my website and the changes are saved. I come back to webflow the next day, and suddenly a random assortment of sections/divs have all their class settings reset?
Has anyone else experienced this? It’s incredible frustrating because I have to redo hours of work, and there’s no way to just revert to the last published version, which is the correct version.

I’m using Opera. I once experienced this when I cleared my cache, despite the everything being saved. But now I’m also experiencing it without me clearing the cache.

Webflow automatically creates backups, are they not working for you in this case?

I’d also recommend contacting support so the Webflow team can take a look into the issue. Most of the active folks around here are just users and not employees and this seems to be more of a technical support question.

Good luck in getting things sorted out :+1:

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