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Class names in the navigator different to selector and style manager


see the problem in the image i’ve attached.
Its a long fix if i read this post from february. :slight_smile:


I think the navigator only displays the abbreviated or primary class name. It does make sub-classed instances very tough to differentiate. I built a gallery with 100 thumbs with sub-classes for each background image. Makes the navigator fairly pointless.

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I think the navigation should display the name of the nested class. In this kind of use the navigator is not really helpful.


the simplest solution in my mind would be to have the selector

parked as a stationary (maybe collapsible) window at the top so that as you are navigating the tree (with the wonderful navigator features like option-arrow) you would have the benefit of any sub-class instances. I use abstraction like an obsession, so my selector names can get too long for the tree and selector window.

I didn’t mean that the navigator was in any way pointless either - it is an absolutely essential and amazing tool. Just that having what is now in the hundreds of generic instances slightly disorienting. Highlighting and direct selection on the page make it pretty simple and instant to re-orient though and it is the method your brain will always chose unless the element is hidden (display none) or buried through nesting and alignment. This is a problem in any html structure though as chromes navigator works in a similar fashion albeit slightly more direct edit fashion, but is butt ugly from every angle :wink:

Having a direct code HTML / CSS / JS editor window in webflow will one day add the best of all worlds. I think it is an essential bit for truly learning, rapid abstraction, editing, etc. That is a heck of a lot of windows to manage though - webflow needs to be packaged with a second desktop display :wink: