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Class name in the interaction, and other current things

some bugs / changes that I found / I would suggest:

1 - Add “current” for a class. It would be great to expand this function to any class / div.
Already spoken in another thread: (Add a “current” or “active” class to the currently displayed slide)

2 - When you change the name from a class it is not updated on the interaction. The only way to solve this is to go out, come back and update all the names. (imagine reorganize and change all the names of the classes …)

3 - It would be nice to have some function on the interaction to activate other interactions
example: I built a drop-down (I could not use the webflow), and to open an item, there is no possibility of closing the already opened. There is a topic about it: (Opening/closing the sliding sidebar with the same button while keeping a separate button just to close it)

4 - Add more than one interaction with an item. Currently I have to create an interaction that merge two others.

5 - Rearrange classes:
rearrange the position of the class, who comes before and after. Also the possibility of grouping by folders for better viewing.

per hour is it. long life for webflow !!!