Class Interaction only working on one instance

Hi fellow webflowers, I need help!
I honestly can’t tell if this is a bug, or if I’ve done something wrong.
On my landing page, I have a series of identical sections, each showing a project (I tried to upload photo to this post, but couldn’t). I always work off of the same one, then duplicate the sections to check if anything is broken when I stack them.

I’m having trouble with the Interactions on the little arrow/circle element.
I have an interaction for it to appear/disappear (trigger: Landingproj-section), and a hover interaction (trigger: landing-arrow-container). They’re set to a Class trigger.

Problem: It works, BUT only on the very last section of any stack. (EG: It works when I have one section, but when I duplicate the sections, it only works on the last one.) I have no idea why. At first I thought it was an interaction conflict, so I spent a whole day trying various ways of setting the triggers/animations on different parts so that the elements wouldn’t conflict. Did not work. No matter what I did, the problem was the same.

Please help!

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Update: fixed it, my icons couldnt be hovered because they were blocked by the invisible Fixed divs