Class instance highlighting

My divs are lighting up pink based on the class instance I click on reflecting every instance of the class down the page (with a second highlight for mods). Is this new or do I need to schedule another MRI?

I’m not seeing that…are you using Chrome or a different browser?

Chrome Version 48.0.2564.109 (64-bit) - this version is about to be unsupported. Will check in Canary.

The highlighting is only happening in one project. Honestly though it would be super helpful as an optional feature as I can see each class that will be affected as I scroll down the page. It is a little visually distracting having it on all the time though.

I am thinking it is possibly a latent issue from having previously used the chrome inspector? Somehow the highlighting is hung? Weird…

If you mean this one(gif below), it’s not new. You can toggle it on off like so:(check gif below)

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Just made the same realization by poking at everything. Awesome. Never noticed that before, but had toggled it on. Glad to know how to toggle it off :slight_smile: Thanks @Anna_Kelian. Is that new, or has it always been there?

I spotted the one under positioning and target reference. That one is super helpful as well.


Not new, been there for a long while now… But super helpful :smile:

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