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Class disapearing or temporarily changing?

I haven’t used Webflow heavily in almost a month now. When I was playing around with classes in one of my collections, I noticed that some of the values were orange, as though I had a new subclass or was in a different device view width.

But above, it would appear as though there was no class at all. I would go up the tree to another element, and it would be okay, and go back to the item with the issue.

Now the class name would become a default class name (for instance, Slider; something that would be generated automatically after modifying something). When I remove the class name, the class name I assigned (for instance, product-slider) would be in place. I switched back and forth multiple times once, and it gave me Slider 6. I removed it and it showed Slider 5. Oh, and just to add, the values are still orange with these defaulted names. It continued until I was back to Slider, and after removing that class it became product-slider again.

This was several hours ago and it wasn’t a slider I was having problems with. But it was dynamic classes in a collection. But I could’ve sworn I also dealt with the same issue on a slider and somewhere else. It could just be anything with dynamic content having the issue.

I tried everything to fix it, including clearing my cache and restarting my computer. I had to deal with it a couple more times and then it just magically fixed itself and I haven’t dealt with it in a while.

I’m unsure if I’ll experience this again or how to replicate it. But I wanted to throw it out there just in case anyone else had the issue. I didn’t make aware an issue with a dynamic visibility bug on the slider months ago (it was recently posted about) and even that issue still hasn’t been fixed. So I’ll make light of this before it’s too long.

@ELiTE thanks for posting.

There was an issue that occurred yesterday in which dynamic items would lose their class names, but keep their styles. However, we’ve since pushed a fix for this issue.

We also sent out an update for class-less styling on March 14th–this will allow you to style an element without first giving it a class name. Doing so, however, will autogenerate a class name for you (e.g. div, div1, div 2, div 3, etc).

Styles that are colored orange indicate that the style is a default style, that it is inherited from a parent element, or inherited from a larger breakpoint.

​Please let me know if this is helpful!

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