"Class" Animation is different in one section

Hey there, I need a quick help if anyone can offer it

I have three sections: Discover Our Story + Discover Menu + Culinary Delight
As seen on the website three have the same components, except the 2nd one (menu) both children are flipped, the text child where the animation is inserted has a third class to fix the margin.

I created a class animation for the text children devs. So that I can use one animation on all three. The animation is working on the Story Text Child & and Delight Text child

But it’s mirrored on the “Menu” text child, and I believe this happened because of the two children are flipped. I experimented on the “Delight” and flipped both children + added fix margin, got the same problem.

So this problem is caused by flipping I think, is there an easy way to fix it? Or should I just create a separate animation for the “menu” section?

Thanks for the help in advance


Website hosting: (just in case): https://cuisine-wave.webflow.io/

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