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Class already exists - can't reuse name

Hey gang.

So I’m super new to all of this - my questions may be annoying but please bear with me!

Why won’t Webflow allow me to reuse some class names? For example, I have created a footer container with a row and four columns in it. But when I created a second container underneath the first one, and then a row inside of it and three divs I want to call “col” it won’t let me use the “col” class, saying it “already exists”. Isn’t that the point of classes: that you can reuse them?

I’m sure I’m missing something, being a newbie, so could someone please set me straight?


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Is it possible that you’re double-clicking to rename the class? Try removing the class that’s applied, then pressing + and typing in your existing class name.

That was it! Thanks so much McGuire!!


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