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Clariying Breakpoint Capability

When I’m tabbing through the various breakpoints in the designer, I know that any changes that I make to the CSS will take effect for that breakpoint and downline to smaller display sizes. I also know that webflow gives us the ability to drag each breakpoint size wider in order to see the effect of the change at various incremental sizes.

My question is: If I drag the breakpoint wider and then make a CSS change, will Webflow record that as a new breakpoint?

This would actually be really helpful because there’s such a vast range of display sizes. For example, tablet resolution, various sizes of iPhone and android. And also there’s tablet horizontal vs. vertical orientation. Please help me to understand best practices here. I find that oftentimes when I get things looking nice at each breakpoint in designer, that they end up looking worse on actual devices.

If the feature does not exist as I’ve framed it here, are there any workarounds or design suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hello @jlenker

If you’re using the drag option to see how the design looks and you make changes Webflow will not add a custom breakpoint. There is a wishlist idea about custom breakpoints >

You can add CSS code in the for some breakpoints, but you can’t create custom ones.

Hope this helps

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Thanks for the clarification!!!

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