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Chrome resizing issues

Hi guys, SO I really really need your help. I’ve made a site for someone, and though on my end it works fine, when they use Chrome (and its in windowed mode) it looses the top banner image and the text body is covered by the nav bar. It seems isolated to Chrome, as no matter how i size the window in safari it just doesn’t do the same thing. If i try to optimise it for Chrome it ‘breaks’ the safari version. Honestly at wits end, I don’t know how to fix it without affecting other browsers. It was made using one of the templates, and even without changing the structure of the site it seems like it just isn’t working properly. The kicker: I leave for overseas tomorrow and this guy needs to launch his new EP and site in two days : ( I have tried endless combinations of stuff and just cant get it to work. PLEASE HELP
Edit: I’ve changed something and it seems the banner stays put, though it’s not looking right. Had to delete an image that was at the bottom of the page. Now mobile seems to loose an image at the bottom too, but at least it’s a little closer

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