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Chrome performance issues on published site with many interactions

Hi all!

I’m working on a site:

And, I’m having some chunky performance issues in Chrome that don’t seem to be showing up in Safari and Firefox.

Especially with this page:

At first I was thinking the issue was entirely related to the fixed background images on a few of the layers, but the homepage also has a bit of chunkiness to it, and I can’t figure out why.

Any ideas?


Screenshot of the strange JS stuff that’s happening on that page from Webflow… not sure what’s going on…

Hey @Nick_Woods, that definitely looks pretty choppy in the latest Chrome for me as well. Are you able to see if the memory usage decreases when you garbage collect memory (the little “Trash” icon)? The page is very interaction heavy, so it would take the following approach to track things down:

  1. Create a duplicate of your site
  2. One the duplicate site, remove interactions one by one and publish + test your site after each removal (make sure to clear your cache each time to load the latest code).
  3. Try to observe if removing specific interactions speeds up the page scroll

That’s where I would start… let us know if you have any luck with that apprach.

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Thanks Callmevlad!

Figured out the issue… it was the fact that I had images rotated and scaled (Transformed) within the layers.

Taking that off, and removing any images within transformed layers solved the problem:

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