Chrome extension Vimium: to work with keyboard navigation: not working for slideshows, why?

Hello Webflowteam

I was wondering if accesiblity can be made more effecient with the Chrome-extension Vimium?

It is a free tool and cool!

but if you scroll down: the slideshow is not regonized

There are no yellow-vimium-characters for the navigation for the slideshow: why?
my site:
this is an example of something I want to remake myself for my students:

for example a website where the buttons not work:
I want to make my own ‘goformative’… is there somebody who made something like a student-check-questions website? I now work with but it would be nice if Webflow can do the work…

more information about vimium:

Thanks to have a look and help me

Please: can we make our own tabs in webflow: what is first tab / next tab? …how?