Chrome/Edge Scroll Animation Bugs

Hey folks,

I am a Webflow beginner and could not find a related thread to this issue. Please apologize if this is the wrong Sub-Forum.

My website is very simple and has a basic “Scroll Animation” (On Down-Scroll, Scroll right to next Div Block with 100vw and 100vh).

It works great on Safari (and theoretically on iPhone Safari Browser). However, when using Edge/Chrome as a Browser, the “Scroll Animation” looks buggy/corrupted. Namely, the Div Blocks seem not to be scrolling correctly (“stuck”) respectively the Background Image takes much time to load.

In my view, the issue might lay with the Background Image.

I already switched from “Div Block”-Background to “Body”-Background but nothing changed. Also, I changed to a solid color Background, which made the issue hardly better.

On the other hand, since the issue does not appear if the “Scroll Animation” is invisible (deactivated), the issue could also has its root in the “Scroll Animation” itself. However, I was not able to find the error.

Is there anyone out there who could help me with this?

Here is my read only link:

It seems that the “Scroll Animation” does not work at all in the read only link; on it can be seen.

Many thanks!

Hey, did u find a solution for ur problem?

Unfortunately not. I will consider changing the website-animations to a more simple one.