Chrome display scaling gone wrong

Hi all,

So i’m running into windows10/chrome or webflow issues of scaling, and not sure whos fault that is. If anyone has some experience on that, it would be greatly appreciated.

Basically the problem is this:

  1. Display resolution is 1920x1080.
  2. Chrome is set to 100% zoom
  3. Webflow somehow thinks this is not correct making its UI slightly larger and thus making all elements larger inside it. So if I set the div at the size of 1920x1080 it will be around 120% of the screen size (larger and out of boundaries of the display area).
  4. A quick fix for that would be setting chrome zoom at 80%, but then the webflow thinks it not to scale and gives notifications about non-standart zoom level and thus not allowing to edit the webpages.

Also a note: im using a 4k screen where I changed its resolution to 1080p, so that might somehow be interfering with the browser/webflow.

Heres a recorded video of the problem to better understand it:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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