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Chrome dev tools device emulator

Some folks I know complained that my site had issues and suggested I use the device emulator in chrome dev tools.
So I started playing. In the emulator for the site Ipad cuts off my heading on the right on the homepage.
When working in the Webflow Designer (read only link) I drag to Ipad width and it looks fine.
Can anyone out there with an Ipad tell me if my heading is really getting cut off ??
Is Chrome Dev tools emulator wrong?
Is the Webflow Design Platform not showing what Ipad looks like?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @Steven_Harris,

It looks like all your content is wrapped in a container that is defaulting to I believe 940px wide. That is why all your content is not stretching full width.

Also consider moving your H4 out of the nav bar container. Like pictured here:

This may fix your issue. Let me know if that does it for you.

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Thanks for replying.