Chrome crops in on desktop

I put an image in a grid cell, and when i open on chome desktop the edge of the image cropping in somehow.
when i checked on android phone chrome bothe landscape and portrait the layout was fine.

any idea?

thanks for any help.

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Hi Gergely_Pataki, please update your post with a read-only link to your site (instructions here) so we can take a look. Thanks!

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Thanks! I just took a look and am not seeing the same issue you are. Were you able to take care of it? Just want to make sure.

i checked different browsers like MS Edge the problem still there :frowning:

hi @Gergely_Pataki there is many issues that need attention but your main issue is that you have set fixed value for width: minmax(350px, 1fr) on your grid and it get cut because you have huge right padding and margin on glass element.

You can change it in small devices to block or at least remove fixed 350px and make it 1fr only. There is many ways how to fix it. (you should change it also for images grid to avoid horizontal scroll)

NOTE: I do not know the reason why you have make image of glasses with dimensions in Grid but IMO it will be easier to maintain when you will use SVG instead. But I do not know what was the reason to do it this way. :slight_smile: