Chrome Canary UI bug

Just came across another interface problem…
this time from the dashboard - not the Designer.

I encountered this then I:
Cleared the cache - Reset the Browser - Reboot the Mac

And I got the same result… which is (below):

What browser are you using @Revolution?

Version 59.0.3034.0 canary (64-bit)

Chrome Canary (also known as developer/beta/alpha/etc.) builds are known to break things. Look, it’s even stated on the home page:

Be forewarned: it’s designed for developers and early adopters, and can sometimes break down completely.

I know using Canary poses some stability issue. Dealing with Canary issues is not a new thing. It’s a given.

I believe most people on webflow use Chome in conjunction with Canary.

We’ve even been asked to install it.

My post was to inform Webflow of an issue. Not to complain about it.


Did some looking around using Canary, seems that flex now applies to :before and :after elements correctly for the display:table clearfix hack, so now it has a width. On the normal Chrome, that same pseudo element is 0px * 0px.

This Canary change will impact a lot of websites if it actually goes live…

Applies to flex items, including in-flow pseudo-elements

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