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Chrome 70 & Webflow SSL Certificates


I looked around the forum and did a few searches regarding the Chrome 70 update planned for 10/23/18 but didn’t find anything. In this release Chrome will remove trust in Symantec-issued certificates. After briefly reading about this the other day I thought that I should probably check out my Webflow sites that are using SSL, but happened to notice this message by chance in the console using Canary:

The SSL certificate used to load resources from will be distrusted in M70. Once distrusted, users will be prevented from loading these resources. See for more information.

I wanted to start the conversation here, to see what the Webflow team’s plans are regarding this pending update, as well as make the community aware of this issue for anyone using SSL.

We don’t use Symantec to issue Webflow site certs, so all sites built on Webflow will have no problems on Chrome 70.

The error message you’re seeing likely has to do with an integration you are using with Mixpanel. Here is the whois info for You can address this by either removing mixpanel from your site, or asking mixpanel to update their cert.

@brryant I think you guys load the Mixpanel library when the editor bar is visible on a Webflow hosted site.

For example, here is a screenshot from the console showing that script being loaded in the head of the document while the editor arrow is down below:

This code is not included anywhere in the project from my end, and it appears in the head for every Webflow site I have that has the editor bar down bottom.

No idea how this would/could affect the Chrome update with the certs, but just wanted to chime in as that mixpanel library is something I’ve noticed before.

Ah I didn’t realize you were referring to the Editor experience. Yes, we’re aware of that and have asked Mixpanel about the issue. Thanks for the heads up!

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