Christmas Countdown

Check it out and let me know what you think!

It’s cloneable too, incase you want to play around with it.


Very cool sir,
so I don’t have to check back tomorrow to find out… is the counter live and automatic?

Hey csan,

Amazing website love the design just noticed that there is a spelling mistake :smiley: it says til rather then till

tried to fix it up real quick. :stuck_out_tongue: how do i edit the timer?


Just realized that til is also correct i feel dump forgot about American and British Engilish differences :smiley:

It sure is! It uses a countdown script from

the video 20 seconds long.

If you wait the entire 20 seconds…
the screen flashes white and the video continues
but not from the start.

In Preview mode - it flashes and video restarts.

Hahaha, damn… I should’ve thought of that.

Open up the HTML embed inside the “overlay” div, and edit:

cdown.add(new Date(2015,11,25,0,00,00), "countbox1");



being the date for Star Wars.

Great work! I will definitely use this later on. :smiley:

fixed. thanks :smile:

I thought I had fixed the flash to white, but apparently not! The idea is to seamlessly transition from the entry video into a looping one, so you can leave it open on in a tab, a monitor or set as a screensaver.