Chose scale origins?

I want to animate a cards scale to grow out from a chosen point not just from the center.

Looks like CSS calls this “anchor point” Great let’s use a 30 year HTML term meant for links within a page and also use “anchor” in CSS. Instead of the widely use the word “origin” point in all other 2d and 3d software.

So my guess is Webflow doesn’t support : element’s anchor point using transform-origin

    transform: scaleX or scaleY
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Thanks, Yes I found that and the updated version. Dear WF please just delete old video versions. The following is not for you, thanks for your time.

Sadly setting the Anchor (origin) does not hold when in the animation module, it reverts back to the center, It’s very inconsistent. Also, issues when setting the “hover” and then the “on hover out”. Anyone you set, also set the other one. So you only can have a hover or out. oh well.

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