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Choppy scrolling

I am new to Webflow and have no experience with website development. However, I hired a designer who delivered a site to my account and the effect is choppy when I scroll on the home page. There are a few images so is this why?

Howdy @DaveG, welcome to the community! :wave:

Can you please provide the published URL or the read-only link? Without being able to see the site in question it’ll be a little difficult for anyone here to help diagnose the issue.

I’m not seeing any problem on my end, but typically it’s best to wait to preview the design when it’s published as opposed to within the Designer preview.

It’s possible that the interactions that are used could be slowing down the page on older machines although I don’t see all that much going on other than the image reveals.

Thank you Mike. On another topic, I’m also having problems copying elements from this site into a new project I’ve created. When I try to paste into the new project, the paste option is grayed out so it. By chance would you know what could be causing this?

Of course, sorry I couldn’t provide you with a more definitive answer.

As far as pasting elements into a new project, try using the shortcuts instead (CTRL/CMD + C and CTRL/CMD + V)—I believe the paste functionality within the right-click menu was disabled when copy/past functionality was added :+1:

I’ll give it a try tomorrow, Mike. Thanks again!

Since I’m new to the Forum, can you advise me if I’m crossing the line when it comes to seeking answers to my frequent questions? It seems like the Forum will be a much faster solution for me then the support response time I’m experiencing on the Webform website. I just want to make sure I’m following the appropriate protocol in using the Forum.

We’re always happy to answer questions here in the Community if possible!

Account-related questions or things like bugs should be directed towards support (as most of us around here are just users of the platform) but that’s because we can’t do much to help or troubleshoot in those situations. The only thing I’d suggest is searching through older posts before asking any questions to make sure it hasn’t already been answered—there is a wealth of knowledge for the more common questions and typically this is the quickest way to get help.

Other than that, feel free to ask away :+1:

That is awesome! Such a relief knowing that I have a legion of folks I can turn to. I will definitely check previous posts before I put any questions out there.

Have a good night, Mike.

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Mike, I just tried the shortcut Command/C and the cut and paste worked! Control Command/C did not work. So appreciate your suggestion of using shortcuts instead of right click!!