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Choosing randomly an item in a collection

Hello !
Does anybody has an idea to select randomly an item in a collection. I have a collection of “advices” and I want to display a different advice anytime a page is viewed. I imagine this can be achieved by javascript but I do not see where to start…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @mietlicki I imagine that you can apply the same kind of js as used here to randomize a slide on load:
Different slider each time the page loads

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Thanks for your help, but I am not sure this will works. In a slider, all slides are uploaded on client side so js can easily random the selected slide. In the case of CMS collections, I imagine that all the items stays on the server side…

Probably the only way to do is that the webflow team adds “random sort” of a collection…

But maybe I’m wrong ?


Thanks for your patience. This feature is now live! Try it out :smile:


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