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Checkout - Separating 'Full name' to First and Last

Hey community,

Recently ran into a roadblock with my Ecommerce set up. For reasons on my CRM side (Zoho) i require te First and Last name to be pulled through/Zapped as 2 independent fields, as opposed to one in the Full Name field. Whilst i understand the issues lies on Stripe’s side through their billing details requirements to contain ‘Full Name’, i’ve been exploring work arounds:

Is there a way in the Webflow ecommerce checkout to create a card/component for First and Last name as 2 indpendent fields, in addition to the ‘Full name’ field in the billing details section?

Currently im using the ‘Additional info’ form box and repurposing that as a way of doing this:

But when I pull that field data through in my Zap, Webflow automatically pulls it through as a continues string of content accounting for everything in the card, as opposed to the fields as individual inputs

Any thoughts on how I can achieve this?

@Cal.Designer Hey, did you find a work around for this? I’m having the same issue

I don’t think there is an ideal way to solve this one, you could run some code to split the field into first and last name which has its limitiations. Or another method might be to capture the first and last name in another step and then tie this to the order data before sending on to the next service.

Having the same issue for the same reason.