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Checkout + Registration + Member set up

Hi all,

I’m about to build a website for a client. He runs a youth basketball program. Here’s the general flow that we’re hoping to accomplish for new people signing up for the team:

  1. Parents go to website and find the ‘Join the Team’ section. (easy enough)
  2. They first pay the sign up fees through a checkout process.
  3. They are then taken to a page where they fill in their registration details (uniform size, etc.)
  4. Afterwards they receive a follow-up confirmation/welcome to the team email.
  5. A nice bonus would be for them to then have a profile page where they can log in and see updates and review documentation.

Three additional notes:

  1. In an ideal world the parents would have the option to either pay once or split the registration payment over two or three installments. Memberstack, Outseta, etc. all have a subscription-based model which seems to only offer ongoing/recurring payments.

  2. We are open to using multiple integrations with Webflow, but if there’s one company out there that can handle it all, we will happily throw money at them.

  3. I haven’t started the site so I don’t have a link to provide. I hope the above makes it clear what we’re trying to accomplish.

If anyone has the time to help me I would appreciate it. I have been researching this for too long and feel there’s either a solution staring at me or I’m asking for too much. Thank you for taking the time.