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Checkout Page - No Shipping Method showing

I’ve got elements in the designer that aren’t showing up in my live store. For instance, I have added a “Purchase Method/Shipping Method” which allows my customs to choose a delivery option or instore pickup and there is a price tag associated with each choice.

This does not show up on my published checkout page. Why? How can I get it to?

I’m also not seeing my customer’s address / additional information box. What gives?

Oh, and a follow up issue. I’ve added “Customer Information” forms on the page so customers can give me delivery information or specifics about their order but I’m not receiving that info anywhere. HALP!!! :slight_smile:

I asume you arte using PayPal. PayPal checkout do not support additional info as far as i lnow.

I am using Paypal. So how do I get delivery instructions added to my order details?

Hi @Zyzyx, we now support the “Additional Info” element on the PayPal checkout page as well. When viewing the checkout page are you adding products to the cart first or going directly to the checkout link? In order for certain elements to be shown in the checkout from a product will need to be added first.

Products are added to the cart prior to landing on the checkout page. There are “Additional Info” boxes on the page that customers can fill out but that information does not get delivered to me in any of the order forms or order notifications. Not sure where it’s going…