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Checkout Custom Checkbox not recognised by Integromat

Hi there,

I am working on automating my ecommerce website via Integromat and I got stuck when trying to automate subscribing to newsletter during the checkout process.

It should work like this:

On the Checkout page, I have the custom checkbox used for subscribing to my newsletter. Integromat retrieves the status of the checkbox and if it is checked, adds the customer’s email address to Mailchimp.

The problem is that I cannot find the custom checkbox function in the list. By the sorting logic it should be in the Custom Data folder, and there is “Checkbox”, yet it is not returning any value. The other two in this folder are apparently connected to the “Text Field” which I am using to collect the phone number.

Does anyone know how to get the value of the custom checkbox in Integromat? I am a beginner with Integromat so I may be missing something completely.